Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Droid

The DroidI am obsessed. I was obsessed about 2 months ago. My plan for Verizon finally comes to a complete on February 16 and I will be able to go and get the 2-year price for the DROID. I have researched it, played with it at the stores (multiple times a week), I am ready. Between the 5 megapixel camera it has, double flash, android processor and widgets I hope it takes me a week to figure out all the sweet stuff it is capable of doing. I have added a coutdown calender in honor of the Droid at the bottom of the page. (Thank you for all the comments from those of you that have noticed) I am very excited about it.

I will be sure to come back with a full review of what I think and the various things that I figure out as I go. As I learn, you will learn, now enough with all the questions about it already. I will fill you in as time goes on.

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  1. Well Johnny Fairbanks ... you got married, I'm so, so happy for you and your wife. I've always been impressed by you, Kiefer, your Mom and Dad and it makes me even more happier to see you all grown up and just being the great man I knew you'd be one day soon...here's that day and you're doin' it, bro! Me, Becky, AJ and Isaiah love you and hope one day to meet your lovely wife.