Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BOM Reading

For the 2 1/2 people that look at this blog after they are only so bored at work, facebook and life in general, I thank you.

I wanted to give a quick update on the reading.

Had about 6 hours of total driving this past weekend so I popped on the BOM audio as we drove. Got to Mosiah 28, so almost to Alma.

Your welcome.

I was able to find a way to download the audio straight from the lds.org website onto my phone. I am officially obsessed with the Motorola Droid. I then was able to unzip the .zip file onto the music portion of the phone and listen to the audio straight from my cell! Pretty awesome.

I also have downloaded Scriptures from the android market (similar to the iphone app) that has a whole mess load of stuff in it for the Mormon that just can't get enough church on Sundays. Like meetings, 3 hours, callings and family doesn't force feed you enough you can carry it everywhere you go!!!!

So for those of you, it's sweet. I can hit the scroll button on the reading of the BOM and listen to the audio at the same time. For those late night reads.

I will prob get motivated and make a whole post just for the ode to Droid.



  1. Are you considering me 1/2 because I'm half chinese, you racist jerk.

  2. I am so impressed that you are still going strong!! We are so excited about the baby. Have you guys picked out a name??