Monday, March 1, 2010


Hand is completely out of the cast. Finally. I have rehabbed it back to good enough health that I can write about a page into my journal and have it be throbbing in agonizing pain ... so that is good. But I was asked today about how my reading was going and I realized that I have been SLACKING big time. I am in Mosiah Chapter 5. I read about a chapter tonight (so from chapter 4 -5). So that is where I am at now.

I do fear however with the end of the semester coming upon me and having so many BIG papers to write that my reading is going to go to the dogs for about the next 45 days or so. With the amount of reading and writing that I am going to be doing and the work with the new Charter School that I am getting involved in I am going to have just about no time to do anything.


But for now I shall read. And report to the metropolis of followers that this blog has, which is zero.

I doubt anyone will notice.

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  1. I noticed and I am beating you so Ha, I love my baby more