Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Dog Park

So my wife and I have been taking our black lab Lucy to the dog park ever sense she was a little puppy. She is a VERY passive doggy and always has been. When bigger or meaner dogs would come up to her she would immediately fall onto her back and show them her tummy.

It has been nice because we would also see dog's who would do the exact opposite at the park and pretty much attack and harass every dog at the park, and we were so glad that our dog doe not do that.

So my wife and I went to the store the other day, Lucy has started to take a strong affinity towards Frisbees, so we wanted to get her a Frisbee that was more durable than the $1 ones would would get her from Petsmart. So we got her the indestructible, super duper red Frisbee. We came right back to the house and we were like WE'RE GOIN TO THE PARK!

We loaded up all our stuff and got to the park and immediately Lucy loved the new Frisbee (She loves new toys as it is, but this was a new red Frisbee toy) So we were playing for about 10 minutes and I noticed a dog slowly creepin over to where we were playing. I was not sure what the breed of the dog was, but it was comparable to Lucy, just a little shorter. So I started to throw the frisbee, Lucy would run over to grab it and then this new dog, we'll call him Fred, Fred would come over to Lucy (after she had already grabbed the frisbee) and steal the frisbee from her. This happened about 10-15 times and Lucy seemed to think that it was more of a game. I'm thinkin, jeez take some initiative and stop letting that stupid dog take your new toy! But she needs to learn.

Fred made a mistake. On like the 20th throw Fred was under the impression that this new red frisbee was HIS new red frisbee. It is Lucy's new red frisbee. Fred steals the frisbee from Lucy and then takes off the other direction. Lucy, FINALLY, took some initiative and went over to Fred to take her frisbee back. (Here is where Fred made the mistake) Fred growled at Lucy. Then Fred snapped his teeth and bit at Lucy.

I gave you the little synopsis at the beginning of this to show you what the typical Lucy would do in this situation. But this was no ordinary situation, this was the new red frisbee.

Lucy kicks back onto her hind legs. (A dad has never been prouder of this moment that I am about to describe to you, so pay attention) She kicks back onto her hind legs, slams her front paws on top of Fred (pinning Fred to the ground) and then started to bite at his face. All of this happened within a matter of a couple of seconds.

The other dogs owner ran over, my wife started to head over, and there I was. Standing the closest out of everybody with a smile in my heart. And probably on my face too. My little girl was growing up. The other owner grabbed his dog and apologized and what not (hence it was Fred that started this little tiffle) I said that it was no problem, of course it wasn't a problem, my dog just bitch slapped your dog.

She showed teeth. Growled. And beat the crap out of good 'ol Fred.

My little girl got into her first fight. She fought for what was hers.

Funny enough we didn't leave the park and neither did Fred. But Fred stopped bothering Lucy the rest of the time.

A great day at the dog park.

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