Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Read the BoM

I normally am I able to keep a Journal, but after my recent surgery it hurts to write with a pen and I do not write well enough to try to mark up my Journal with my left handed nonsense. So,tentatively I am going to keep an abridged version on here on what I find interesting (spiritual bias)

My goal is going to be to read the Book of Mormon all the way through.

We have friends whos goal is to read it before their baby is born, I like this, so I am going to steal this goal.
They had been talking about this goal lately, and the chit chat never sparked the interest for me to think, Oh hey I should do that! It was not until tonight I was listening to some general conference talks and a female speaker (October 2005 conference: Do not know the day, or session) But it was probably around the 45 minute mark. And she mentioned how the prophet has asked the members of the church to read the BoM (Book of Mormon) all the way through before the end of the year... and bam, just like that I had the sensation that I should do that too. This is not a new or novel idea, prophets my entire life have talked about having this goal ... not just the prophets, pretty much everybody says you should read the BoM all the way through ... shoot, read it everyday is really what they say ... but I digress.

So I started tonight. I went onto lds.org and read and listened to the Introduction. Leading all the way up to Nephi 1:1.

Title Page
The Testimony of Three Witnesses
The Testimony of Eight Witnesses
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
A Brief Explanation about The Book of Mormon

I want to try and read/listen everyday. That is the goal anyways. My end date is going to be August 27, 2010 (Baby due date) ... but hopefully I will be finished before then.


  1. This is an awesome goal!! I am going to keep up with your progress. Maybe I will read along with you and we can have a good discussion about some of the verses we read. Keep posting and I keep track of where I should be reading. I love the intoduction!

  2. You know Liz, you should add this blog to your following list. And therefore you can be the first. Haven't you always wanted to win at something? You could be number 1!