Thursday, February 11, 2010

LATE night reading

I became overwhelmed this past night reading out of the BoM. The only reason that I stopped reading was because I had to get up for classes and we are going to be traveling late into the night. But I could not stop reading. I started around 11pm reading to Aimee out loud to help her sleep and to let me get in the bit of reading for the day. I even had taken three percocet due to my surgery giving me trouble so I wud be able to sleep without the nagging pain. I stopped at 3:10 am.
I read from the beggining of 2 Nephi to Jacob 1:1. About 30 chapters. I was guilty of my constant cross referncing the entire time but I loved it. I had been at the church earlier in the night helping watch some of the kids at nursery with Rob Taber. I began talking with him and an Elder there about fellowshipping a young man and also helping the missionaries on splits in the future. I believe that this is where the burning desire erupted deep within me. (Also the Rockstar drink and Rockstar gum that I was chewing while watching the kids helped keep me up as well FYI)
I highlighted so much and made various notes. One of the biggest things for me. Which stuck out in my mind was the idea that (2 Nephi 29:13) that we will receive more scripture from some unknown location before the second coming of Jesus Christ. As I read over this area I highlighted it because it really hit to me. (Lost tribes)
I believe that this marks the longest non-stop reading from the scriptures that I have ever experienced.


  1. great now I know that you love your child more than I love mine. You are beating me.

  2. I love the marathon reads. They help me feel like I am really getting it.