Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Life happens...

So I started my goal to read the BoM. And I wanted to post the progress here on this blog. And I actually have a follower, Liz. Bravo to you Liz for taking an interest in this sad little blog of my thoughts and interests.

Now that I am done thanking my one (1) follower.

I had surgery. I had torn a bunch of ligaments in my right hand, I am right handed, during the Florida State game this past November. So just about 2 weeks ago I had the surgery that I have needed since November. I have been out of commission, from posting on the blog and in my journal. I just now have gotten on my hard cast and my pain is minimal so I can write/type with far greater ease than before.

So I have had plenty sleepless nights lately. Usually when I hit the sheets I am out in 15/20 minutes TOPS! But lately, I have been up till 12 am, 1, 2, sometimes 3 am. I am not sure what it is, but I certainly has helped in my goal to read! Not only have I been feeling the motivation to read whenever I can, but I find myself listening and reading on a constant basis... to anything really. (Mormon that is)

So as of right now I am on 1 Nephi 21.

I would be further along but I have a terrible habit. This habit consists of cross referencing. Since the majority of the time I am reading while I am in bed I am reading the BoM on my ipod touch. (Thanks to the awesome app that I have) It has great links and cross referencing abilities and is lightening quick! So I see a word in BLUE and it will be something like 'moon", and I think, hmmm what about the moon could be found elsewhere. So it leads me to Abraham and I catch myself reading all of Abraham! It is absolutely terrible. I get side tracked all the time!

So while I am only on Nephi 21, I have read almost all of the Pearl of Great and Price and a significant part of D & C. Haha.

On top of my obsession with reading the BoM in the late of the night my new obsession is John Dehlin, and his podcasts. I am only on his Mormon Matters Podcast 2, but so far I really really enjoy it. So I will continue to add my opinion on John Dehlin as time goes on.

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